Realizing these questions, my enquiries, must seem wholly unusual, I’m only concerned with those who answer. A replacement has always been found and will be again, it is only the who and when that has yet to be determined.

I will entertain correspondance, but am limited to what I can say. This is less for my protection than for your understanding of how everything functions.

My electronic mail address:  4thsearch  using  google’s gmail.

hoping,  Sebastian


6 comments on “Enquiries

  1. eabigelow says:

    Interesting questions, but since time is relative in textual worlds, the 3.5 seconds allotted for questionnaires has been exceeded. Thank you.

  2. eabigelow says:

    But I do like this concept and am intrigued by it….

  3. eabigelow says:

    If I replace you, how long before I am replaced?

  4. Very interesting. I have thought at length.

  5. Holly Jones says:

    My answers are most likely not the answers you are looking for but i would enjoy to hear more about my own answers and how they are relevant to the actual answers.. I am a 18 year old girl, but a clever one.

  6. Holly Jones says:

    Ive also sent an email to 4thsearch@gmail.com , if you replied, I’d be so happy!

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